Byron Bay – 1st June

I woke up early this morning to have a FaceTime with Liz and Lynne, it was lovely to chat with them and hear their news and catch up. I shall be seeing them soon.Then I was off to the CWA international day. There were pupils from the local primary school with their head teacher. There was a lady who had been to Mongolia and she gave a short talk about things she had experienced – money dress and food. The pupils were awarded prizes for their project work on Mongolia. It was a nice morning.

I was back in time for lunch so that I could babysit Ash all afternoon while Alice and Jon went kayaking on the ocean. Ash was great and even took his milk from a bottle. He has grown so much while I have been away.   It was great to be able to cuddle him a lot!  Alice and Jon got back just in time before Ash needed another feed and had a lovely time with the dolphins and got wet.

Supper was take away pizza and I spent the evening trying to catch up with the blog – going to try and do two a day! (Well, that didn’t work!) I also sewed more of the strips on – I really am hoping I get to finish this.

Quote for today:


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