Brisbane/Byron Bay – 31st May

This morning I spent a leisurely few hours having breakfast and packing up all my stuff so I could leave it at the hotel after check-out. Once I had done this I walked down to North Pier. The walk way was also the cycle path and it took you under the road that had been built on the bank of the river. It wasn’t the nicest place to walk! Anyway, I found the quay without a problem and boarded the free City Hopper to Sydney Street where I thought I might find a nice cafe to have lunch in. The journey down the river was lovely. The sun was shining and it was really interesting to see the city from a different perspective. When I go to Sydney Street it was very quiet – walked up the road and found a residential street. Fortunately, a man was walking across the road so I asked him if there was a cafe nearby and he gave me directions to one not far away. Unfortunately, it was closed and there was nothing else about apart from a hairdressers. I decided to return the way I had come and made my way back to the quay.
This time I sat on the upper deck of the boat and had a 360 degree view. It was a lovely trip.

The other boat!

Designed by the same person who did the Sydney Bridge!

I was staying in the tallest building – but only on the third floor! Phew!

Back at North Quay I decided it was time for lunch and eventually decided on fish and chips in a little place which had booths. I had a lovely time reading my book, eating my fish and chips and deciding to have cheesecake for dessert with a cup of tea. Lovely.

I then had to make my way back to the hotel to collect my luggage and get back to the Roma Street station but to the coach terminal this time.

I got the front seat on the Greyhound an once we set off I found it squeaked so I moved to the other one which was marginally better. I spent the journey back to Byron knitting and reading when it got dark. There was a rest stop on the way so I had my supper there – a sandwich and a cup of tea and I brought a couple of crispy cream donuts too, for when I got back to Byron.

When I got back to Byron Elsie gave me the biggest cuddle and told me to open my birthday cards and presents – and proceeded to help me! Thank you so much for the cards, the pink make-up bag with my name on it and my new bag for another knitting project!

Elsie didn’t want to leave my side so we did stickers and read a The Three Little Pigs in my room until it was her time for bed.

 The evening saw me emptying my suitcase and sorting out my room so I could get started on sewing the seventh strip onto the throw! The end is in sight!

Quotes for today:


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