Cairns – 28th May

So today was a free day to decided to do what we wanted to do and for me that meant another day on the reef. This time I booked a trip on a smaller boat that took us to three different reefs. I went on my own as no-one else wanted to do another reef trip. This is the day in pictures…..

The view of the hotel from the boat. My room is top floor to the left of the sign!

The wide open ocean with the reef beneath!

The coral!

More coral – with a few fish!

A few fish with coral!

A wrasse down deep with coral!

Fish with coral!

Lots of fish with coral – my favourite!

All the photos were taken with my under water camera by me!  I am very proud!

The reef is a magical place where you can escape from everything.  When you are snorkelling in the ocean you can only focus on two things – breathing and watching!  Everything else fades into the background and you truly live for the moment.

After recovering in my room with a cup of tea I dressed for dinner in my black dress and another one of my purchases from yesterday. I sat with Lois, Sarah, Laurie, John and Lenie. 

Lois and I – no flash!

 Supper was a gorgeous piece of salmon followed by some grilled pineapple all washed down with another three glasses of wine.

After dinner we sat in the bar and had another couple of drinks with Lois, Lynn and Marilyn until it was just Marilyn and I. She kindly agreed to another drink and we sat chatting until late. We were a bit squiffy!

Quote for today:


4 thoughts on “Cairns – 28th May

  1. Now you can tick off lots of things on the list you always wanted to do but never thought you would. The reef looks amazing. Xx


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