Christchurch – 10th April

Up early and after showering and dressing I made sandwiches for the packed lunches. Chris set of on his bike and the rest of us piled in the car and collected Castell at 11:30 with his washing. 
We drove to Sumner Beach, set up camp on beach and went a looked at a very small market. There was a stall with food wraps made of cotton and beeswax the owner said they only last for a year!? 
I walked down the promenade to visit the toilet and when I got back sat on the beach talking to Cherry about South Africa. I was knitting, the boys were rock climbing and searching the beach for interesting pieces, Castell did some sunbathing, cycling and scooting. We had lunch sitting in the sun on the beach.

 When Chris arrived we all had an ice cream or coffee. I tried a new flavour – boysenberry, very tasty!


 Then we loaded up the car with bikes, scooters, chairs and children and went back in the car for a bbq. While Chris was cooking the meat, Cheron, Nathan, Castell and I popped out for some wine and cider. I spend $130 on food for Castell and wine and cider for the adults! I also found Nic Naks! A lovely reminder of South Africa!

A lovely family evening followed a supper of boerewors, pap and salad. We played a variety of cards games until the boys went to bed and then had an adult conversation including Castell. It was nice to see him taking part and holding his own.
Quote for today….



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