Byron Bay – 4th April

So this morning I was up helping Alice with Elsie and Ash as Jon went back to work.  I was left holding the baby while Alice took  Elsie to football.  Castell dropped in again for his breakfast before his last surfing lesson.

When Elsie got back I got dressed and we made cup cakes for Castell’s birthday later in the week.  Jon and Castell came back for lunch and then Cas went off to chill out for the afternoon.  While Elsie was napping I repeated a blog that I had almost completed when it disappeared – very annoying when that happens!!!!! 😁

I also sorted out the washing and working out what clothes I wanted to take away with me. At about 4 I started the roast dinner with beef, potatoes, parsnips, carrots and gravy.  I couldn’t find Yorkshire puddings or a mix so I am going to learn to make them myself when I get home.  It all went well and the beef came out really moist and tender.  It would have been good to have more gravy!  Castell did the dishes afterwards and then disappeared to chill out again.

I was planning to go for a walk on the beach after supper but it was a bit too dark and I didn’t fancy walking the streets so I spent time knitting and watching a bit of TV and getting a bit more blogging done. (Blogging may slow down in the next week or so as I don’t know if I can get access to the Internet in New Zealand.)



3 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 4th April

  1. Sounds great, enjoy New Zealand and hope Cas had a fab birthday. I use Jamie’s recipe for Yorkies – mix 2 large (or 3 small works for me) eggs with 100ml milk. Beat into 100g plain flour & a pinch of salt. 225 degrees oven or gas 9. Take your tin, splash in a little oil in each case and put in the hot oven for 5 mins. Take out, pour in your mix as quick as poss and get it back in the oven. 12-15 mins later voila. It’s so easy!


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