Melbourne – 22nd February – Great Ocean Road

Well, this morning I had to be up and out by 7:20!  A bit early for me so ran out of time and didn’t get to dry my hair!  Heyho!  When we finally boarded our tour bus I had a choice of the whole of the back row so I could knit as we drove.  Our tour guide was Bec and she took us out of the city under a 3 metre bridge!  Fortunately we had plenty of room! We headed west out of the city on the Princes Highway – the same road as Sprinvale Cemetery but the other way!

Our first stop was a beach in a village called Torquay.  Apparently, it is the home of Australian surfing and international competitions are held there.  It was very quiet while we were having a cup of tea and a piece of cake.


As you can now see the weather was overcast and showery!  We loaded up again and made our way to the next stop, the start of the a Great Ocean Road.  It was built by soldiers after WW2.  It was a tough life, living in tents and working on the road in all weathers.

There is also a beach here, a statue and a number of information plaques but I won’t bore you with photos of all that! 

Once on board again we started on the road, the scenery was magnificent and the road long and windy.  I was able to knit and look out at the same time as it was an easy square.  We had a brief comfort break at this beach.

I was offered a seat in front for a bit which was great for seeing the views.  Bec also showed us this picture she was sent by a colleague.

Fortunately, no-one was killed but some passengers were injured.  I am very glad I didn’t choose that company!

Our road got more windy but the scenery was spectacular…

One beach was collecting stone statutes, no-one knows why it was started but you can’t sunbathe here any more !

When we eventually got to our lunch stop we were a little early so Bec sent us off to search for Koala and wild birds.  I managed five Koala but they were not so obliging for photos.  I also saw some blue and red parrots, some cockatiels and ducks.  See if you can spot them!

Lunch was not very exciting as I chose a fish burger and chips!  However, the fish was one I hadn’t tried before – a Barramundi which was very nice.  I sat on a table with Mike and Sue a couple from Leicester who were pleasant company and we chatted about where we had been.

Back in the coach and off to a small patch of rainforest called Maits Rest where we had a half hour walk down a hill, round the forest and back up again!  I decided at this point that if I could do that walk I could book the Cairns trip.


And finally, we were on the way to the Twelve Apostles – the highlight of this tour (and where I have a surprise for you!).  It took us a while so I carried on knitting and got Bec to help me look for a Kookaburra unsuccessfully! 

We arrived at The twelve Apostles visitor facility and as I was the only one to book the “extra” we left the others and  Bec took me across to here……

 Yes, I had booked a helicopter ride to see the Twelve Apostles from the air!  As you may be aware I am not very good with heights so I wasn’t sure this was a good idea.  Anyway, I put my life in their hands and the ground staff did an excellent job of bundling me into the helicopter and making sure the door was closed! This is me as we took off…..

This is the view I had from the helicopter!

When I got down to the ground I realised I had done it and I had actually enjoyed it!  I have no idea what the difference is between the London Eye and helicopters but I didn’t feel strange at all.  šŸš I am a fan and I have ticked off something on my bucket list too.  The ground staff has sussed out that I was a bit nervous and when I walked off the pad I was asked how was it!  An Aussie word described it to a t – awesome!  But it took me a while to get my words out in order!  After all that adrenaline I needed a cup of tea and some chocolate – I had just enough time before boarding the coach again.

We didn’t go far to another beach, I decided not to go down Gibson Steps but look at the view whilst drinking my tea.

Our next stop was to a look out point where we could walk through a coastal path and see the rocks that I had seen from the air.  It was amazing to see the erosion of the limestone and the layers of sedimentary rock.  I did do a short video which I shall try and load up here. I did it, I did it!  I hope you can see it!

We then began the long journey home, fortunately using the direct route rather than the long and windy road!  I managed to knit most of the way home until it got too dark to see.  We had a short break in Colac and I chose to have MacDonalds for supper.  I realised when I had finished that I had had burger and chips for lunch too – I can’t say it was the best MacDonalds I have ever had.  I sat in to eat my meal rather than take it back to the coach and noticed two things – that the MacDonalds was 24 hours…..

and that you can buy wool in this very out of the way place!

As we drove home I reflected on my day and realised that I had had a great day with Go West Tours.  Bec was an excellent guide and although she had been doing the job for four years she was fresh and interesting.  She was able to adapt to different members of the tour always taking care of everyone and dealing with the heckles from the back in good humour!  Thank you very much.

To end the day, as I was one of the farthest from the city centre I was dropped off second to last – it was a long journey but what an exciting, memorable day!

Quote:  Sometimes you have to “Feel the fear, and do it anyway!” Susan Jeffers


10 thoughts on “Melbourne – 22nd February – Great Ocean Road

  1. You are surely making the most of your visit. It’s great to see your tour pictures and very impressed with the helicopter ride. Got to be a zip wire next time! Xx


  2. Didn’t have time for great ocean road when we where there,looks like might have to go back.on our helicopter ride in Vegas lady with us needed large brandy after so you were very good with tea and chocolate.


  3. ooooh congrats about the helicopter ride šŸ™‚ the thing is, you don’t get the chance to do that kind of thing often and it’s great you grabbed it while you could!


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