Byron Bay – 16th June

Took Elsie to school again on my way to Bangalow. I was still feeling a bit rough with my stomach gurgling away.My last time with the Country Women’s Association ladies had me finishing the crocheting for the blanket,

Mine is the one with red edging!

finishing a square for another blanket and starting a tank top for Ash. I also got a good look at some rag doll patterns for Cherry and I must find some time to forward the details to her.

It was my turn to buy chips this week so I popped down to the take away for a large portion. I must say that they do some very good crispy chips. We had a lovely lunch gathered around a table chatting. It was sad to say goodbye but I hope that I can follow what they are up to on Facebook.

I went home around 2pm and felt even worse so I had a lie down and fell asleep. Afterwards I felt a little revived but not feeling like eating at all. I helped Alice with the children until Elsie was in bed and then I had a quiet evening and went to bed early.
Quote for today:


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