Cairns – 26th May

After breakfast we left at 8:30 for Mossman Gorge. It was an hour and a half but with about 20 minutes I had finished the final square.

At Mossman Gorge we were treated to a guided Dreamtime Cultural Walk led by an aboriginal guide through the rain forest beginning with a smoking ceremony.

He told us all about various plants, which ones could kill you and which ones could save your life. He also made claims about curing various conditions and illnesses. I wondered why this knowledge hadn’t already been exploited and some one in the group told me not to believe everything I was told. Now I don’t know what to believe!

Fresh water river but no time for a swim!

 It was quite humid in the forest and I am sure I got bitten by some bug! Our walk took longer than expected so we had a rushed bush tea and damper (an aboriginal bread very similar to scones). We then dived back on the coach for a 20 minute journey to Bruce Belchers Daintree River Cruises. They laid on a lovely buffet lunch with quiche and salad, a welcome relief from all the meat.

Then we went on the cruise to do some estuarine Crocodile spotting. Some of the tour members thought the first one we saw was a fake – but no-one was willing to get out and check! What do you think?

We also spotted some kingfishers showing their bright blue flashes across the green of the trees. There were other birds too but I can’t remember their names. 

All too quickly it was over and we were back in the coach heading towards home. On the way we stopped briefly in Port Douglas. All I managed was a quick walk up and down the high street. We were back at the hotel around 5 and I retired to my room to relax before supper.
Supper was pork and equally as delicious as last night’s meal with the same line of wine glasses.
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2 thoughts on “Cairns – 26th May

  1. That was surely an interesting trip. I’m sure the crocodile was not fake – they are so still they often don’t look real (well in a zoo anyway). Seeing that flash of blue of the kingfisher takes your breath away – just the sheer beauty of it. New words of wisdom from indigenous people to ponder on too. Magic. Xx

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