Sydney/Christchurch, New Zealand -8th April

Up at 5:30 after a terrible night’s sleep dreaming and worrying that I wouldn’t wake up! Although it was nice to sleep in a double bed for a change. All we had to do was shower, get dressed and check out before 6:15am. We managed it and fortunately, there was a cab outside to take us to the airport. This one also began by charging for loading and then added two dollars to the metered price for unloading! No tips from me! (I am not good first thing in the morning!)

After checking in and passing through security (Castell was wanded until I said I was travelling with him!) we had a short wander around duty free but my knee was playing me up so I quickly bought some chocolate for the boys. Then I found a cafe near the gate and brought breakfast for myself – tea and a toasted egg sandwich and sat at the gate to wait. Castell continued to window shop but came back with his breakfast before we boarded.
We got good seats – I was next to the aisle and when the drinks trolley came passed it was red wine! We were fed a full meal – which was okay but nothing to write home about! We then had a minor problem with a leakage of cream in Castell’s bag and had to clean his belongings with spare hand cloths that the attendant gave us. I think we rescued everything – although Castell wasn’t happy.
I don’t know how I managed it but the security check allowed my knitting needles through so I was able to knit for most of the flight whilst watching “The Lady in The Van”. 


 As the flight was only two and a half hours and we landed half an hour early I didn’t quite finish the film! I just hope it is still on next week when we fly back! As our descent was early I don’t think one of the ladies ahead of us realised that she had to sit down and put her seat belt on! She got shouted at by passengers and the attendant! And it still took her awhile to work out what she should be doing!
It took a long time for our bags to come through on the belt and then we were through to customs and again Castell went ahead of me and the guy started asking him all sorts of questions until I stepped up and he said “Are you traveling together?” 😬

And then we were through and Cheron was giving us a hug. It was so nice to see her again. I then tried unsuccessfully to use my Amex card in the airport ATM!  I finally resorted to my M&S card which worked fine!

We went to Cheron’s for a cup of tea and met her Mum Cherry and her boys Luke (5) and Nathan (11). We unloaded my bags and some of Castell’s so he didn’t have my wool in the hostel and took him down there! He was all checked in and happy to explore at his leisure.
Nachos and chilli was supper at about six and then the boys had baths and stories while I sat and knitted. Once they were off we talked for a while catching up on our news and reminiscing, then all of a sudden it was late and time we were in bed!
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