Byron Bay – 6th April

Up early to have Ash while Alice took Elsie to nursery. We then caught up with Eastenders while I had breakfast. Castell then came round so he could come swimming with me. I completed the usual 12 laps trying to swim around two other people! We got back in time for Castell to get Subway for lunch and get to the Sea Kayaking trip.
Alice and I then had a lovely shop for Castell’s birthday breakfast. We pushed a sleeping Ash all around Byron while we did some banking, both bought tops separately, got Sushi for Alice’s lunch and a Subway for my lunch. It was good sister time and we worked well together.
I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out washing, some packing and some blogging. Although I must confess that the blogging has taken a bit of a back seat at the moment.

I had Ash again while Alice got Elsie. Then it was time for Elsie and I to decorate the cakes we had made on Monday. Elsie loves to help and has a cute cooking outfit but she also like to taste everything! It was a struggle to get her to wait until she could scrap the bowl out! Then the sprinkles went everywhere! I had to get the Hoover out to clear them all up.
Castell came home from the Sea Kayaking and had had a great time seeing dolphins but no turtles or whales. He also didn’t want to go out for supper again as he was tired and wanted to chill out!
I spent the evening getting the final bits of my packing done listening to the radio. I finished off with a bit of knitting.
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2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 6th April

  1. Hi the last two blogs only just come through? looks like Cas had a great birthday one to remember. Enjoy NZ speak soon love to you both X


    1. Hi Liz,
      Since Castell has been here it has been more difficult to catch up on the blog. I am also trying another way of doing it as I have lost days just before posting which is very frustrating. I hope to get up to date by Saturday as I will be in Sydney then. Looking forward to speaking to you then! Xxxx


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