Byron Bay – 7th February

Woke up this morning to another day of rain and showers.  Didn’t have any plans until about 1pm when I met Sarah and Joe at the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay.  I managed to get there without getting wet but just as I sat down with my cup of tea it rained!  I scrambled under an umbrella that was fortunately vacant.  I didn’t have to wait long before Sarah and Joe arrived. We talked about all sorts of things – Christchurch, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney.  They are aiming to get to Cairns and back if they can as they have visited the other three!  Sarah very kindly gave me her Melbourne tram card….

We all ended up having lunch and here they are with theirs.

 I enjoyed the pleasure of their company and I wish them all the best for their East Coast trip.

I returned to Alice and Jon’s via ALDI for a few bits to be told we were going swimming!  So off out we went again!  I looked after Elsie whilst Alice swam and then we swapped over.  I feel like I have spent most of the time I have been here getting wet and getting dry again whether from sweating like a pig because it is too hot, showering, going in the sea, being showered on and swimming!  I have given up with my hair at the moment so look a right mess most of the time!
After all that it was a relief to sit downstairs and do some knitting before going to bed.

That’s 5 done and another 94 to do!  
After all the rain over the last few days I had to find a quote about water so here you are…

“Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.” Christopher Morley


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