Cathay Pacific flight no CX238

Free upgrade to business class πŸ˜„; refused entry into the lounge 😬; had to buy my own cocktail ….

 Boarded the plane early πŸ˜„; given a free drink 🍸; and then a hot towel!  A taxi to the runway followed by a long wait 😩.  A short rush down the runway and we’re off ✈️.  I just love the taking off!!!!
Take a look the the menu…..

    A nice 🍷 and another🍷!  Forgot to photograph the starter but it was good!  This is the main….

See the red bits? That is chilli – but I didn’t realise until it was too late so my mouth was burning and my eyes watering! 😭 I definitely don’t like chillies!!!! I think I need another glass of 🍷! Lol.

And finally dessert… 

No need to say anything!

Supper finished I settled down to a film “Bridge of Spies” which had Tom Hanks in it.

Quote for today – don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!!


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