My very first blog…..


Well, here I am trying to write my first blog!  I hope I have linked this to my Facebook page so if any of my friends find their way here I would love to have your comments.

As you can see Castell and I have managed to get our Christmas tree and a few decorations up so we could celebrate a quiet Christmas.

My Australian knitting is taking shape – Alice and I have decided on the light blue in these dots….


And finally, a quote for the day from the Guardian 28th March 2013 by Dan Gillmor “My advice is to do something better: start a blog.”



19 thoughts on “My very first blog…..

  1. Hey Steph glad you managed to set up your blog so looking forward to following you in your new adventures.
    Good luck & best wishes lots of love Liz & boys xxx❤


  2. Hope your move went well , is it today you fly off? If so have a safe flight and looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Oz.
    Alison x


  3. Wow you’ve really got round all the sites of Sydney serious traveller ! Even when I went to Bondi in 1987 it was disappointing. Have a good trip back to Byron xx


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