Brisbane – 30th May

So when I woke up this morning I realised that I was without clean underwear. Fortunately, the apartment had a laundry section and I was able to wash and dry a load of washing before going out. While the washing was doing I had a leisurely breakfast, watched some terrible daytime tv, knitted and planned what I was going to do for the day.
I thought about popping down to the yarn shop that I visited on my very first day in Brisbane but when I checked the website it was closed on Mondays and Tuesday’s. That put paid to that idea so I thought I would just be a tourist for the day and go some where nice for lunch.
I went up to Roma Street Station and purchased a Brisbane explorer hop on hop off bus ticket and went to the bus stop to wait for a bus. It didn’t take long before it arrived and I was on the Mount Coot-tha bus. It drove around Brisbane CBD before heading up to Mount Coo-tha via the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. I got off at the top and the views across the city were spectacular. I decided to check out the restaurant menu before the cafe. Once I found out that they served Morton Bay Bugs I decided it was time for me to try them. It occurred to me that I hadn’t really been able to have a birthday meal so this was it! I ordered a glass of fizzy pink wine that was served with a strawberry! I also ordered chips and a cauliflower gratin.

All extremely yummy so decided to have another glass and have dessert! This was also extremely yummy although I didn’t eat the flowers – I tried one but it really didn’t do it for me! 

 After all that I had time for a pot of tea to wash it all down and warm me up a bit. It was a bit windy on the veranda! I have wander around for about ten minutes checking out all the views before making my way back to the bus stop and getting the next bus back.

On the return journey we passed Toowong Cemetery – which I was very pleased to see and Dad you will know the significance! When the bus got back into the city I jumped off one bus and onto another and sat at the top of the open deck to do the city tour. I particularly liked the City Lookout, the WW2 memorial, China town, the older buildings and the Koala statue! There was also a lot of interesting art pieces all over the city. Apparently, each new build has to contribute a percentage of the build costs to supporting and installing a new piece.  

By the time I was finished it was dark and I was on Queen Street so I walked up the pedestrianised street having a look in a few of the shops along the way back to the apartment. I popped into a 7-11 and bought some juice and cheese for supper – just in case I felt hungry later. I was still stuffed.
I spent the evening in finishing my washing, watching tv and knitting. It had been nice to spend some quality time with myself after being with people for most of the time for two weeks.
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One thought on “Brisbane – 30th May

  1. Good to hear that you ‘did’ Brisbane and had what looked to be a very nice meal as your own birthday treat. The bus tours were obviously interesting. Nice and easy way to see a city. Just up my street! Xx

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