Byron Bay – 20th March

First, I must apologies for the delays in these next few days.  I usually write my blog when Alice and Elsie are napping or in the evenings but I have been out walking in the afternoons and I have been having Skype conversations with various people in the evenings and once I hit 9pm I’m not good for much apart from knitting and a bit of TV!

Well, I don’t know about Alice but this waiting business is doing my head in!  But fortunately, as it was still the weekend, I could have a lie in again.   This was followed by a very lazy morning as the weather was terrible which I thought was a good excuse to stay in.  I then had a sandwich for lunch and the sun came out so while napping was happening I went for a walk up the other end of Byron beach.  On my way I found two benches that looked out to sea – no one was sitting on them and when I sat on the second one I realised why.  The ground under them had been worn away so your feet couldn’t touch the ground unless you are very tall!  This becomes uncomfortable after a while and so people move off.  However, I have stored this information for future use – I may come up with a solution which will mean I can sit and look at the sea for quite a while! Watch this space!  Anyway, I digress, I clambered over a few rocks without falling over and walked down the beach for about 20 mins – it was quite hot and very windy and this is the view I was walking towards.

And this was the view on the way back.

It was quite bizarre being on the edge of two different types of weather!  I was lucky enough not to get rained on! After hour of being out I felt in need of an ice cream so stopped off at the local ice cream parlour and bought myself a strawberry scoop on a cone.

It had real strawberry pieces in it and was delicious! Yum

That evening we had pizza – ham and cheese for Elsie, hot and spicy for Jon and chicken, feta and spinach for Alice and I.  They were much nicer than the ones we had last weekend and of course we all helped Elsie eat hers! Lol

As I said before, I spent the evening Skyping, doing a bit of knitting – I am still doing it and listened to a bit of radio.  I am still reading the Bill Bryson book before I go to sleep but am only managing a couple of pages a night so it is taking me awhile!

Quote for today:



2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 20th March

  1. Thanks for the photos – what a contrast! The quote sums up life. The waiting is often just as pleasurable as the getting – that’s delayed gratification for you. Xx

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